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Top List of Hybrid Apps of 2019


Some of the highest brands have as of late discarded native and gone the Hybrid way. With the new hybrid frameworks like Ionic, PhoneGap are becoming more mature to develop, one can't accept that hybrid applications perform more regrettable anymore. Indeed, an ongoing Gartner report says that by one year from now more designers will go the hybrid way and by another record, the normal end client assessment of hybrid apps are now 12 percent superior to native applications. 

So where are all the hybrid applications? You use them a lot, most likely without understanding that no doubt about it "the web". All things considered, that is its magnificence! 

Here are 3 very Popular hybrid apps examples that you would never have imagined to be, hybrid:


Evernote is a genuinely high-performing hybrid mobile app particularly prominent for its attractive design as a productivity application. In any case, what makes it amazing is its consistent, multi-device sync capability. The Evernote experience and interactions are so fluid to the point that usually mistaken as a native application to the untrained eye.


For the measure of traffic that Twitter sees, it's very astonishing (or maybe not!) that the developers constructed it as a hybrid. This proceeds to demonstrate that execution is never again an issue with the hybrid applications.



Google has for quite some time been a pioneer in the HTML5 field, and it gave more developers valid justification to rethink their application technique. The organization's sure walk towards HTML5 has worked extraordinary for its clients who appreciate disconnected access in all its applications among numerous different things.


The tech world’s love for HTML5 is only increasing. That should tell the hybrid app critics to take a step back. Are you currently considering your app development strategy? Do you think making a hybrid app will answer your concerns? Comments and suggestions are welcome!