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Why Ionic Framework is the Top Choice for Hybrid App Development?




Ionic is an open-source HTML5 development framework for building hybrid mobile applications. Hybrid apps have provided numerous points of interest contrasted with native applications in regards to development speed and platform support.

Ionic applications are written utilizing HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Ionic can be considered as a UI framework that handles UI interaction of applications with help for native mobile components and alluring design

Benefits of Ionic Framework

Ionic is an open-source platform which gives cross-platform mobile app development. The Advantages of utilizing Ionic app development framework are as following:

1. Simple to adopt

If a developer knows about CSS, HTML or JavaScript systems at that point learning and creating applications utilizing Ionic structure ends up simpler. It is simpler for development company to change to Ionic if their prerequisites and necessities require hybrid app development.

2. Cross-platform app Development

The ionic framework bolsters Android 4.1 and up, iOS 7 and up. Ionic additionally supports the UWP (Universal Windows Platform) for developing Windows 10 applications. Ionic assists with building applications rapidly and with expertise..

3. UI

Themes and components of Ionic are highly adjustable. The ionic platform enables segments to adapt the platform on which application is running.

4. Based on AngularJS

 Ionic uses AngularJS to provide numerous functionalities to the developers. AngularJS is a broadly utilized system by designers. Utilization of AngularJS enables Ionic to give a hearty structure that makes the code progressively manageble. AngularJS with the help of the Ionic structure permits development of hybrid applications.

5. Performance

Utilizing Ionic with native mobile application code in PhoneGap (Apache Cordova) takes into consideration higher execution contrasted with hybrid applications. AngularJS allows Ionic to depend on native hardware acceleration. Ionic uses CSS changes as an approach to use the GPU and boost accessible processor time.


Ionic is the best framework for native functionalities inside an application to run on devices having different OS. The framework also makes development quick and cost-effective and reduces the requirement for maintenance. Applications developed in Ionic may not perform, if they were grown natively.